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‘Conscience is a man’s compass.’ – Vincent Van Gough

Today we launch The Green Compass and begin sharing our first hand experiences from international volunteer schemes. With travel features, interviews, recipes and upcycling tips, we’ll be providing you with a global perspective into a sustainable and delicious way of life.

The Green Compass is a network of individuals involved in promoting a sustainable future through travel and sharing knowledge. Our community is already growing and we’re always looking for more people to join us. If you have any feature ideas, sustainable tips, organic advice, local recipes, great pictures or inspiring travel stories, you can send proposals to editor@greencompassmag.com.

The Green Compass will also be sharing the latest news from different Willing Workers On Organic Farms (WWOOF) organisations to help get you involved. We’ve already teamed up with WWOOF New Zealand and WWOOF International to help get you started. (With more partners coming soon!)

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With a background as a journalist and a chef, Steve loves to travel and find the story at the source of our food. Whether it’s wine, honey, beef, vegetables or fruit, Steve wants to show that volunteer travelling can provide a master class in all things sustainable and delicious.

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